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clien_log for LOG_INFO not printing out log message:


In components/ayla/adaclient.c, I am trying to print some debug information in log.

The function following statement is not printing any thing. However similar original function statement preceding this statement perfectly prints its log message. Why additional below additional log message is not getting printed to the log ?

client_info(LOG_INFO "log message %s %d",string_buffer, int_variable);



void client_clock_set(u32 new_time, enum clock_src src)


client_log(LOG_INFO "clock now %s UTC", buf); //NOTE: This original statement prints log message.

//NOTE: Above original function statement is modified below by adding additional variable src to be printed.

client_log(LOG_INFO "clock now %s UTC clock-source= %d", buf, src);

Issue: Modified statement continues to print same message from original statement above and does not show modified message.

Question: Above such minor modification in the file client.c is not taking effect ?