How to Make API Requests

Ayla API Reference provides an interactive platform to help you learn about the Ayla APIs and to test them with your own parameters and see the responses.

To make an API request, you will have to pass a valid access token and appropriate parameters if required.

Passing access token

Under the AUTHENTICATION section, in the Header box, enter the access token (auth_token).


Use the "Header" box to enter the access token.

Passing parameters

You can easily specify various parameters (path parameters, query parameters, or body parameters) in the fields provided next to the parameter names as depicted in the following images:


Path parameters


Query parameters


Body parameters

An alternative approach to pass the body parameters is to enter the request body in JSON format as shown in the following image. This option is provided to APIs with nested body parameters for better comprehension.


Body parameter - request body in JSON format

Submitting an API call

After you have entered the access token and required parameters, click on the Try It! button to submit an API call.


Try It button


  • This API Reference uses Ayla Developer Environment to run the APIs. If you want to try the example APIs in your own environments, please change the base URLs accordingly.
  • After entering the access token and required parameters, you can copy the curl request by clicking the following icon.