Share group or scene

Use this API to share a group or scene with your household member.

Use the parameter "resource_id" to specify the group or scene that you want to share. This parameter takes UUID of the group/scene as its value.

To share all collections (all the groups or/and scenes), specify "all_collections" as the value to the "resource_id" parameter.

NOTE: When you share a group/scene, its child resources will also be shared with the selected household member.

    "share": {
        "user_email": "[email protected]",
        "resource_id": "8ae79d4b-bc40-4bc3-889e-7cbddda0c0ad",
        "operation": "read",
        "start_date_at": "2021-09-20T11:42:50Z",
        "end_date_at": "2021-09-26T11:42:50Z"
    "email_template_id": "Test_share_collection"
        "user_email":"[email protected]"
            "email":"[email protected]"
            "email":"[email protected]"
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