Command Center

This guide describes the features in Ayla's IoT Command Center and how to best use them. Each section is a common use case, providing details on the features, how they effectively fit in to the flow of deployment, and best practices.

Ayla's IoT Command Center (more commonly referred to as the Command Center) enables customers to orchestrate changes across their fleet of devices seamlessly and efficiently, while still providing the visibility, scalability, and flexibility required for enterprise-grade customers. The primary benefits are:

  • Saves time for customers by managing large device deployments.
  • Does not require coding to command and control large device deployments, while still enabling customers to get status on progress and completion.
  • Enables large scale changes to devices, while reducing the risk that these changes may cause failures or unintended effects.

The Command Center provides an easy-to-use workflow to configure simple-to-complex updates for distribution to a specific group of devices. You can easily access the Command Center from the navigation panel in the Ayla Customer Dashboard, as shown below: