Getting Started

Welcome to Ayla Docs! This video provides an introduction to the Ayla IoT Platform:

After watching the video, you can Set up your account, Access online tools, and Find content that will help you build and manage connected devices.

Set up your account

To work with the Ayla Cloud, you need a user account with access rights in a cloud account.


Ayla offers two types of cloud accounts for developers.


Ayla Public Account

  • Use this account to experiment with (primarily) an Ayla Development Kit.
  • Click here to create a user account with EndUser access rights in the Ayla Public Account.
  • Contact Ayla to order a dev kit.
  • Click here to view the relevant guide.
  • It is possible to connect other devices to the Ayla Public Account, but you will need to contact Ayla to obtain device configuration values. For example, to connect a Raspberry Pi to the Ayla Public Account, you will need Ayla to provide a devd.conf configuration file.

Ayla Customer Account

  • Use this account to experiment with any device (e.g. RPi, ESP32, DevKit, Portable Solution).
  • If your company already has an Ayla Customer Account, ask the account admin to create a user account for you.
  • Click here to contact Ayla about setting up an Ayla Customer Account for your company.

If you choose to start with the Ayla Public Account, you can migrate your user account and devices later.


Access online tools

Your user account enables you to access the Ayla Cloud via the following online tools:

You will use all three when developing connected devices. The first two require you to specify a username and a password. The Aura Mobile App, however, requires additional configuration.

Find content

To build a connected device or gateway, see Edge Platform.

To build an Ayla-aware mobile app, see Mobile Platform.

To work with Ayla Cloud APIs, see Cloud API Reference.