Users and Roles

This guide describes everything you need to know about users and assigned roles in the Ayla platform, including how they fit into the flow of deployment, best practices, and use cases.

Ayla customers have a wide range of users in the Ayla Platform (Administrative, Staff, Developer, Support, etc.). We classify these users as: OEM Users, End Users, and Dealer Users. Each type of user is based on the outcomes those users wish to achieve using the platform. For example:

  • OEM Users typically have administrative and operational responsibilities in the customer’s organization. For example, some OEM users are responsible for managing other users' accounts, devices, and their ability to use features in the platform.
  • End Users generally are the OEM’s customers (i.e., consumers). However, all users are provided end-user accounts when they register on the Ayla Platform to be able to manage their devices (configure, update, etc.).
  • Dealer Users are employees of the Dealer company (also called Dealers). Dealers are the OEM’s partner companies who sell the OEM's devices to end-users.

Users have different privileges (permissions) in the platform depending on assigned roles. These roles are mostly predefined for common job functions among Ayla’s OEM customers, e.g., System Administrators, Support Engineers, Developers, etc. Each role includes a set of permissions allowing users to access, view, edit, configure, and/or manage device-specific information, as well as perform various actions in the different areas of the platform. Ayla also understands that for privacy and security reasons, it is essential for companies to determine the level of permissions for each user within the organization. Therefore, administrators can customize specific roles for their users in the Ayla platform to control how each user interacts with the devices.

The Ayla Platform includes RESTful APIs and the following two configurable user interfaces to create and manage users, as well as assign roles:

  • The Ayla Customer Dashboard
  • The Ayla Developer Portal